FVWM Screenshots

Four screenshots released on my poor 800x600 laptop screen, thanks to KDE version 2 for the first three and GNOME version 2 for the last one. All the screenshots use fvwm-ewmh and fvwm-themes. For more fvwm-themes screenshots click here.

Thumbnails of Full Desktops - Click on the image for the full sized version.
A Standard Desktop A standard configuration (800x600 screen): kdesktop, kicker and the "kicker dock" on the top left. Note the FvwmPager which uses the fvwm-ewmh UseListSkip option. Really, IMHO, FvwmPager is more powerfull than kpager which appear to not be fully compliant. fvwm-themes configuration: olicha modules and buttons, luthien colors, redmond98 window look, ...etc.
Debugging Desktop A configuration for debugging fvwm-ewmh (800x600 screen): kpager is added and KasBar replace the "kicker docker" (FvwmPager is shaded on the bottom right just on the top of kicker). fvwm-themes configuration: olicha module and mainly Brushmetal.
Redmond98 Desktop A windows Desktop (800x600 screen): kdesktop, konqueror, kscd, FvwmTaskBar. The top left button popup an FvwmPager. The mini icons (in the title bars and FvwmTaskBar) are taken directely from the applications by FvwmNetHints and send to fvwm2 and all modules. fvwm-themes configuration: mainly redmond98.
GNOME 2 A GNOME 2 screenshot (800x600 screen). Note again the FvwmPager at the top right of the screen: large screen and multiple desktops. As KDE, GNOME2 pager only support multiple desktops ...
fvwm-themes configuration: olicha module and buttons, luthien colors (pastel), redmond98 window.

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