fvwm-ewmh: NEWS

fvwm-ewmh-0.7 - 2001-06-13

* Update the code to fvwm-2.4.8
* Updates and fixes for KDE3 and GNOME2
* Fixed 2 bugs

fvwm-ewmh-0.6 - 2001-10-11 * Some optimisations (windows operations are now reasonably fast) * Fixed KDE System tray implementation (no more gap in kicker) * UseWorkingAreaPlacement is now safe * New FvwmNetHints config command UseExtendedName for a better handling of windows and icons titles
fvwm-ewmh-0.5 - 2001-09-05 * Implemented KDE system tray: kde "applets" like klipper, knotes ..etc now appear in kicker * AcceptStaysOnTop, MiniIconSize, MyStrut, StrutOverride and the FvwmNetHints Net Style config options are now totally dynamic * New configuration option SystemStartStopFiles and SystemDesktopStartStopFiles
fvwm-ewmh-0.4 - 2001-07-16 * FvwmNetHints detects when a window change its net icon hint (as konqueror does) * Mini Icons management is really faster * imlib2 can be used in the place of imlib (./configure --help) * xpm and imlib(2) support can be disabled for FvwmNetHints at configure time
fvwm-ewmh-0.3 - 2001-07-03 * Updated the code to the great new FVWM stable release fvwm-2.4.0 * New configuration option StrutOverride
fvwm-ewmh-0.2 - 2001-06-24 * Update the code for fvwm-2.3.33 * Fixed numerous bugs and a few memory leaks * Desktop names are persistent with the help of a configuration file .fnh-pconfig * New configuration option UsePersistentNumberOfDesktop for saving the number of desktops at exit (with the help of .fnh-pconfig) * New configuration files .fnh-start, .fnh-stop, .fnh-desktop-start and .fnh-desktop-stop which are read by fvwm2 respectively when FvwmNetHints start, stop, a Desktop application is detected, a Desktop application is deleted. * New commands ReloadPConfig, ReadStartFile, ReadDesktopStartFile for reading .fnh-pconfig, .fnh-start and fnh-desktop-start. * New command Quit to quit FvwmNetHints in a clean way (allows to read the fnh*-stop file). * An implementation of the WM Ping protocol with the new command Ping [options] * New configuration option MyStrut for a user definition of the Working Area.
fvwm-ewmh-0.1 - 2001-05-06 * Initial release for fvwm-2.3.32

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