fvwm-ewmh: ChangeLog

2002-06-13  Version 0.7

	* Update the code to fvwm-2.4.8
	* Updates and fixes for KDE3 and GNOME2
	* Fixed a Raise bug: under certain circonstance a raise fail.
	* Fixed dynamic application of the (No)Focus Net Style
2001-10-11  Version 0.6

	* Update the code to fvwm-2.4.3
	* Reduce as possible the number of NET_WM_STATE reconfiguratin
	(windows operations are now reasonably fast, even with kde-2.2.x)
	* Fixed some problems with the KDE system tary windows list
	* Fixed an infinte loop in the Ping command
	window title handling via the new option Charset and UseExtendedName)
	This need some changes in the fvwm2 code so that windows titles and
	icons titles match the new names, but the modules do not
	* UseWorkingAreaPlacement is now safe (use PlacedByFvwm fvwm2 flags)
2001-09-05  Version 0.5 

	* Handle KDE system tary windows list: now klipper, knotes, ...etc
	are swallowed in kicker (thanks to B. Sturk and C. Drexler)
	* sample.fvwm-ewmh fixes (thanks to C. Drexler for the Start/Init
	* AcceptStaysOnTop, MiniIconSize, MyStrut, StrutOverride and the
	FvwmNetHints Net Style config options are now totally dynamic
	* Some Layers code cleanup
	* Implemente FRAME_STRUT KDE NET hints (do not know if this is
	usefull ...)
	* New configuration option SystemStartStopFiles and
	* Fixed problems when FvwmNetHints needs to read more than one
	stop file at exit
2001-07-16  Version 0.4

	* FvwmNetHints detects when a window change its net icon hint
	  (as konqueror does). The XA_WM_HINTS is used via a PropertyNotify
	* imlib2 can be used in the place of imlib
	* Fixed some memory leaks (add some "free pixmap" at the good place)
	* some configure work for a possible integration in fvwm-2.4.x:
	  --disable-ewmh should work fine now, it is possible to disable
	  xpm support and/or imlib (1 and 2) support in FvwmNetHints only,
	  --enable-imlib2_for_FvwmNetHints allows to chose between imlib
	  1 and 2
	* Dramatically speedup creation of "net icons" (and reduce cpu usage)
	* Fixed Sticky NetStyle
	* Fixed "StaysOnTop" KDE NET hints state when it is changed by fvwm2
	  (fvwm2 send a module config message when the Layer command is used)
	* split Stacking and Ping window lists
	* added a time_log function (from fvwm2)
	* remove some "#ifdef" debug code
2001-07-03  Version 0.3

	* Updated the code to the great new FVWM stable release: fvwm-2.4.0
	* New configuration option StrutOverride
	* Some manual page work.
	* Switch back to autoconf 2.13
	* Fixed re-runnig of the configure script and warning about
	autoconf, autoheader, ...etc. on a non devel machine when 
2001-06-24  Version 0.2

	* Updated the code to fvwm-2.3.33.
	* It is no more possible to run 2 copies of FvwmNetHints
	* Amelioration of the ksmserver workaround.
	* Fixed placement algorithm: do not count the desktop window.
	* Fixed Imlib checking; check for Imlib in addition of the GDK Imlib
	  test; replace TRUE_IMLIB by IMLIB.
	* Fixed Layer Net Style core dump.
	* Fixed Dialog (wm type) which are Modal (wm state).
	  I use gtk+ "version 2" for testing.
	* Window in a different desktop than the current one is no more
	  represented as iconic.
	* Added a configuration file for persistent parameters as desktop
	  name and numbers; New config option UsePersistentNumberOfDesktop.
	* Some Man page rewording, dewording and reformatting.
	* Simplify the macro for fvwm2 and add macro as for HAVE_STROKE.
	* fvwm-ewmh now compile without the xpm and/or the Imlib libraries
	* Fixed one tone of -Wall warnings.
	* Fixed some memory leaks of various nature (almost all minor, but
	  one which fix a core dump).
	* Implement the PING protocol (for killing huge process) with
	  a new command "SendToModule FvwmNetHints Ping [options]".
	  KDE does not support this protocol as gtk+-1.3.5 support it.
	* FvwmNetHints Maximize command select itself a window if needed.
	* some configure work: whether ewmh and imlib support are enabled
	  is printed at the end of the configure script; it is possible
	  to disable fvwm-ewmh with configure; fvwm-config know about fvwm-ewmh.
	* When FvwmNetHints start/stop it  ask fvwm2 to read .fnh-start/stop
	  (if the files are found). A new commands ReadStartFile allows to re-
	  read this file (better than Read .fnh-start/stop).
	* When FvwmNetHints detect a Desktop application it  ask fvwm2 to read
	  .fnh-desktop-start. If the Desktop is deleted .fnh-desktop-stop is
	  read. A new commands ReadStartDesktopFile allows to reread this file.
	* New command Quit to quit FvwmNetHints so that the .fnh*-stop file
	  can be read.
	* New configuration command MyStrut for user definition of the Working
	* Fixed command expansion problem cause by Desktop application
	* Fixed vertical/horizontal maximizing if we have some left/top
2001-05-01 Version 0.1

	* Initial release for fvwm-2.3.32

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